A Tale of Two Bakeries

Redmond, WA. September 1st 2013 -- French Bakery Le Rendez-Vous, located in Redmond's Bella Bottega Shopping Center, is excited to announce that they are merging with the renowned Belle Pastry Bakery, located on Main Street in Bellevue, WA.  Both bakeries will retain their current locations and will be operating under the name of Belle Pastry.

"This merger is an amazing marriage that will delight our customers!" says Khalid Kaskou, owner of French Bakery Le Rendez-Vous.  Patrons will be able to enjoy the best of both bakeries at each location, and all the favorites will be served up with that special je ne sais quoi that customers have come to expect from both establishments.

The current culinary teams will come together under the supervision of Jean Claude Ferré, celebrated pastry chef and current owner of Belle Pastry.  "Our customers will continue to enjoy our award-winning croissants, chocolate royal and macarons," says Ferré.  "By merging both teams, we will be able to bring new pastries to the repertoire while ensuring the continued quality of the delicious recipes that have been found at Belle Pastry for the past ten years."

During the next few weeks, Belle Pastry will be updating its website so patrons will be able to select and order from their amazing variety of cakes online, as well as ramping up their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, with the goal of staying closely connected to their patrons and get real-time feedback on their product quality.

For more information, visit their website at www.bellepastry.com.


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