New York City Creative Agency Hires Local Graphic Design Graduate

Anelese Webster from Woodinville will graduate with distinctions on June 14 with a BFA in Graphic Design from Western Washington University.  Anelese is a graduate from WHS, class of 2009 and also attended Woodinville Montessori School locally. 

 But the biggest event for Anelese was the night she attended Portfolio Night 12 in NYC along with 100 other job seeking candidates to showcase their portfolios to creative directors in the Big Apple.  Anelese was crowned “Portfolio Night All-Star” and will be joining the Huge, Inc. design team in Brooklyn NY.    Read the full story here.   http://technical.ly/brooklyn/2014/05/30/portfolio-night-12-crowns-winner-new-hire-huge/

 Anelese has a younger sister, Jackie, at Cal Poly who along with her parents and family are extremely excited for this next phase in a creative journey that started as a young girl doodling around with paper and pencils in those early Montessori days until she found her real creative tool:  the Apple computer which she now uses pretty much exclusively to produce her works in this new digital age of design. 

 The entire Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Western Washington University under Kent Smith has made all the difference for Anelese.  Not until she applied to the BFA program did she find her place of passion and the students and faculty at Western seemed to really ignite her graphic design abilities.  She will graduate as the Outstanding Design Graduate of 2014 and Outstanding Student from the Office of Admissions at WWU. 

 And what do Anelese’s parents have to say? 

Her Mom, Susan Webster, owns Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop in Woodinville and will miss her design daughter who assisted her on so many projects in her business over the years but is so happy for her new opportunity in the city of her dreams. 

 Wade Webster, Anelese’s Dad is an ER Physician at Evergreen Hospital and founder of a scientific start up company, which Anelese has played a big role in creating corporate identity and branding along with product packaging, just two areas of creative interest that Anelese enjoys.  “We all are enormously happy for her and very proud of her accomplishments.”

 Anelese will be moving to Brooklyn, NY in a few weeks to start with top digital design agency, Huge Inc., as an associate visual designer. 


Anelese’s works and those of her fellow BFA students will be shown this week at the Seattle Showcase on June 5th at Flutter Studio in Seattle and again at a Portfolio Exhibition at WWU on June 13th.  


Of Note:  Western Washington University introduces the Design BFA, a new program with a focus on creative collaboration and real-world experiences.  Over the past year, 11 unique individuals have come together into one unified group, learning to build on and compliment each other’s efforts. 


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