Woodinville Martial Arts Promotes a New Instructor

Assistant Instructor Sauve, Woodinville Martial Arts
Assistant Instructor Sauve, Woodinville Martial Arts

Woodinville Martial Arts had an extra special belt ceremony last Friday evening.  Family, friends, and fellow martial arts students welcomed a new Assistant Instructor to the staff. Ian Sauve, who achieved his First Dan Black Belt in 2012, was honored with his new title.  “I’m excited to be moving into a new leg of my journey as a martial artist,” said the 23-year old Woodinville resident. “I’m honored to work alongside Instructors who have been amazing role models to me for a long time,” he continued.

Master Instructor Daniel McCarter conducted a special ceremony, first telling stories about Sauve’s journey from his first days of training until now. “He’s come a long way from those first days,” said McCarter, who made spectators chuckle with stories of a young man who was a bit out of shape at first.  “He had to take a few breaks outside to get some air in those first few days,” he recalled. “But he kept coming back for more, and now he serves as an inspiration for all of our students.”

Sauve, who lost 120 pounds since his first days as a martial artist, feels a special connection to anyone who struggles with weight control and nutrition. “I used to make two boxes of macaroni and cheese, and eat the whole thing in front of the television,” he said.  “Now, most of my meals consist of lean meats and vegetables,” he added.  Sauve also focuses on physical fitness, and has become one of the most athletic martial artists in the academy.  He has taught the academy’s Hyper Pro Training curriculum for several months now, and has successfully helped students increase their athletic strength and coordination, preparing and leading them through demonstration events.

It takes tremendous determination as a martial artist to achieve the level of Black Belt, and moving on to being an Instructor takes a certain set of standards that aren’t found in just anyone. “Ian is an excellent addition to our staff,” said McCarter.  “He shares our values and understands what martial arts provides to the community.”

Martial arts strengthens qualities in kids that help them become valuable members of the community. Respect for others, self-confidence, goal achievement, integrity, and a community mindset are consistently taught by Woodinville Martial Arts instructors.  Adult students find the family atmosphere, positive inspiration, and fitness benefits equally valuable.  If you or your child is interested in training at Woodinville Martial Arts, visit their website at woodinvillema.com.

Kat Stremlau August 14, 2013 at 05:22 PM
Awesome news Ian!! Our kiddo is enrolled at Woodinville Martial Arts and he just loves it...and I love supporting our local businesses!


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