Feature Event: Save Wellington Hills Park Meeting

Woodinville residents are holding a meeting to discuss Snohomish County's proposal for a large athletic park in in the site of the Wellington Hills Golf Course in Woodinville.


--Information from Save Wellington Park

It’s a big deal! Snohomish County has over-sized plans for the Wellington Hills Golf Course! by and for neighbors in the Wellington Hills Golf Course, Woodinville area.

What exactly is Snohomish County proposing for the Wellington Hills Golf Course?

  • Loss of a 90-year-old local landmark
  • Costco-sized parking lots for 700+ cars
  • Commercial buildings totally over 110,000 square feet

 Do you want late night field lights? How about evening and week-end noise?

Or traffic snarls at the intersection of 240th St & 156th/75th Ave SE and 240th St & Route 9? What can you Do? Neighbors make a difference, both in Snohomish and King Counties!

Come to a meeting at the Wellington Hills Golf Course Club House, Wednesday July 25, 7 - 9 p.m. 

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