Ferry Fare Surcharge Kicks in May 1 for Busy Season

With the shift in the weather comes the annual peak season surcharge of 25 percent on Washington State Ferries.

Some ferry riders will have to dig a little deeper in their wallets starting May 1, as the peak season surcharge of 25 percent takes effect for full-fare vehicle/driver tickets, the Washington State Ferries system announced.

The surcharge is even higher — 35 percent — on the Anacortes/San Juan Island routes.

For example, the current one-way fare for a standard vehicle between 14 feet and 22 feet long going from Edmonds to Kingston is $13.15. On May 1, that will rise to $16.40.

A round-trip fare on the Anacortes-Friday Harbor run, currently $42.55, increases to $57.35.

Peak-season rates are the same as in 2012, and the surcharge doesn’t affect passenger fares or frequent user multi-ride fares.

You can look up specific fare information here.

Summer parking rates at Anacortes also take effect May 1.

The seasonal surcharge helps pay for increased operational costs that come with increased traffic May through September.


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