Thai Food and People Watching in Woodinville

Date nights are so much more than just eating out!


We had just come back from a camping trip and were covered in campfire dust and dirt. The plan was to go out Saturday morning in Pierce County, but we realized Friday that we didn't have any coupons for a breakfast spot out there. Darn.

So, we scrubbed the dirt off and got ready in a hurry. Woodinville was the choice last week, so we chose Thai food. I know, we choose Thai food a lot. Nine times out of ten it's amazing and affordable and we love the atmosphere.

So, we picked Racha Thai in Woodinville, by the and .

As we parked the car in the cozy corner of the strip mall, Hubby couldn't help but notice a man in his sixties walking along the sidewalk, holding his sweetie's hand.

"Is he wearing pajamas?"  Hubby was amused and curious.

"No, those can't be..." I looked a little closer, trying not to be obvious.

"Those are pajamas! Look honey!"

Last time, it was the, this time it was the pajamas. Do you see what you are missing when you don't go out on a regular basis? There are opportunities for adventurous people-watching everywhere you go.

to read the rest of this post, go to: http://20dollardatenight.net/pajamas-in-a-thai-restaurant/


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