Woodinville Speaks: Ban Plastic Bags

Patch asked the community if Woodinville should follow Edmonds lead and ban the use of plastic bags.

Last week marked the marked the year anniversary of Edmonds as the first city in Washington to .

So, Patch asked Woodinville to tell us if a similar ban should come to town. The answer was yes, ban those plastic bags. People answered on Patch's Facebook page and in comments. Here is what they said:

Michelle Murphy Ramey: I'm all for it and have used re-usable bags for years now.

Bernice Schick: I'm all for it as well. I am so tired of seeing plastic. Plastic bags for every little thing and the doubling of them is even worse. I try to carry out as much as I can without getting it bagged or try to remember to bring my own.

Sandi Eby Warner: I use BOTH [paper and plastic bags]. Use plastic in waste baskets and for kitty litter box, etc. Some folks are responsible with the use of plastic.

Ronald Long: It's a small step, but certainly one in the right direction. I'm for it.

Susan Milke: Absolutely. How hard is it to carry a cloth bag in your car or backpack? I bring my cloth bags into every store I go into. It would be a step in the right direction and cut down on our dependency on oil. Plastic is oil!

Now we'd like to hear from the business community in Woodinville. How would a ban on plastic bags effect your business?


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