Woodinville Uncle of Boy Killed in Newtown, CT, Proposes Legislation

The memorandum submitted by the family of Noah Pozner proposes a range of legislative reforms to help prevent another targeted school shooting and make children safer in schools, according to documents.

Alexis Haller – the Woodinville resident, attorney and uncle of 6-year-old Noah Pozner who was killed in the Newtown, CT, December shootings – has submitted school safety and weapons legislation to the White House Task Force on Gun Violence.

In a recent post on his Facebook page, Haller included a link to his family's initial proposals and asked people to "please share with family and friends." The document is attached here in pdf form.

He told King5 News in an interview:

"There isn't much you can say to comfort each other,” said Haller. “Everything about the situation is the worst. But the only thing we latched onto very early is that we're going to make something positive out of it. Make a change and do it for Noah.” 

Noah Pozner was the youngest of the 20 students and six teachers killed. He was was shot 11 times, the document said.

The memorandum submitted by the family proposes a range of legislative reforms to help prevent another targeted school shooting and make children safer in schools, according to documents.

Some of the proposed laws:

  1. Anyone with knowledge of an imminent threat of serious physical harm or death must notify law enforcement within 24 hours. 
  2. Anyone who fails to secure their firearm in cases where it could be accessed by someone who is mentally ill or who poses imminent danger to others, would be charged with a felony or misdemeanor.
  3. Make available federal grants for school security reviews and security upgrades with mandatory lockdown drills.
  4. Emergency grief counseling reform that allows emergency response teams of mental health professionals to be immediately available to families affected.

Haller has at times acted as spokesman for the family, giving interviews to media. He also gave the eulogy for Noah. Noah's mother has also said in interviews that she plans to move her family to the Seattle area.

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Thomas Liberty January 16, 2013 at 07:46 PM
#1. Sounds kinda Orwellian to me. What will be deemed a threat? Who will be final arbiter of what is a valid threat? This will be great for our court systems (and the lawyers). Besides, does this even apply to the recent shooting? I'm sure if people were forewarned, they would've stepped forward. #2. It's already a crime to steal. So, now you're proposing that we create another law which will make the victim of theft a criminal? I can't see any element of reason in this at all. #3. Ah yes - the magic elixir for what ails us all - Create a false sense of security by authorizing the federal government to be the solution to all of our problems. Why shouldn't local communities determine their own priorities, and how they should spend other people's money? I really wish more lawyers would be open to the suprem laws of the land and the concept of federalism? #4 Don't understand this - aren't mental health professionals already available to anyone who seeks them out? Are they going to be forced to consult with victims of tragedies. All in all, i grieve deeply for the victims and their friends and families. But, to use tragedy as a justification for adding to the existing hundreds of thousands of feel-good laws on the books, will in the end amount to little more than a good feeling for the victims and those behind the laws - and of course, more government bureaocracy.
Janice Hardisty January 17, 2013 at 01:51 AM
We already have a "false sense of security" when it comes to gun ownership and the ability to defend ourselves. Most people will just end up shooting themselves in the foot or killing a family member by accident. I support President Obama in all he is doing to squelch the number of guns that are out there floating around without a proper owner.


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