The Milkman's Daughter Brings Something Extra to Wine Tastings

New food truck brings old fashioned style and tasty goodies to local wineries.

A woman selling cheese, crackers, olives, jams and jellies out of an old Ford panel truck is probably about the last thing you'd expect to find at a wine tasting. But that's just what Inger Herman is now doing with her distinctive white truck.

Dubbing herself "The Milkman's Daughter," Herman has just started up a business selling a variety of items meant to compliment a fine wine and enhance a day out at a winery.

The idea came to Herman when she and her husband were at a wine tasting in British Columbia and they found themselves enjoying the extra goodies on offer.

"This is what we need in Woodinville," Herman said she thought at the time.

Wanting to do something with a bit more of a twist, Herman started looking for an old panel truck and found a perfect example on ebay. She soon bought the truck in California, contacted local wineries and hit the road running.

"The response has been just overhwlemingly positive," Herman said. "Everybody loves the truck."

And what about that name? Herman's parents are from Norway, and her mother worked on a dairy when she was younger, so to say she's the milkman's daughter is close but a bit of a stretch. The name also has some spice to it, too, which Herman admits she likes.

Looking to the future, Herman hopes to eventually operate more than one truck and is working on launching her own line of products. But that's down the road a ways.

"Right now I'm just taking one day at a time," Herman said.

To find out when and where the Milkman's Daughter will be, check the schedule on her web site


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