Not Back To Highschool

Davis explains the reasons she decided to home school through high school.

A few weeks ago, I officially began my 9th grade year. This marks my tenth year as a homeschooler. I debated for a few months on going to public high school this year instead of staying at home. In the spring I finally made my decision to homeschool through high school. There are several reasons I made that choice.

The main reason I would have gone to high school was for the social bit, but I realized that out of the seven hours high schoolers spend in school, they really only get to hang out with their friends at lunch. It must be nice to see all your friends every single day, but you don't get to necessarily do stuff you enjoy with them. And if you see your friends every day, that also means you see your enemies every day too. According to a 2011 study, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, about a fourth of the teenage population in high school has been bullied. Of that percentage, 16.2% was bullied over electronics. Presumably because of the bullying, 15.8% of students nationwide seriously considered attempting suicide. I decided that seeing the same people every day wasn't a compelling enough reason to go to school and I boosted my efforts to get out there and spend time with friends. I also joined a homeschool co-op which gave me the opportunity to socialize as well as take classes.

I also had a lot of reasons to continue to homeschool. One of the things I really like about homeschooling, is I get a bunch more opportunities to do what I am interested in, like participating in theater, attending Wilderness Awareness School, playing soccer, and volunteering with the Redmond Police Explorers. Sure, I could do one or two of these things while attending public school, but definitely not all of them. Because my schoolwork is so tailored to me, it's a lot more efficient, leaving me more time to pursue these other interests. If I were in high school, not only would I have to be in school most of the day but I would have a bunch of homework. I hate homework, which is kinda funny since all my schoolwork is homework.

In addition, I get to follow what I want to learn instead of having to follow a specific curriculum that the government decided previously. It’s true that in high school students get to choose their own classes, but even so, the teachers don't always get to choose the class textbook. By being homeschooled I can personalize my education. I am more in control of my own schooling and I have a voice in what curriculum and textbooks I am using. So if it isn't working for me, I can just switch books or do something totally different to learn what I was struggling to learn.

Also, I don't learn by being lectured. I learn by doing more hands-on stuff, and it seems like lecturing is one of the main teaching methods that teachers use. Another challenge with the school system is if you are struggling with a concept they go on without you and you may never learn it, but if you learned it quickly, then you still have to wait for the slower people and you get bored. With homeschooling I get to learn at my own pace; if I grasp a concept really quickly then I can move on, but if I don't I can slow down and spend more time on the subject.

I am really excited to be starting this school year off still at home. I have a bunch of classes and activities that I am really excited about and are that fun and interesting. I feel like I made the right choice for me to homeschool through high school.

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Davis Luanava September 21, 2012 at 11:53 PM
It's awesome that you are willing to homeschool your kids through high school even though it may be a bit challenging at times. Thanks for your comment and best wishes to you.
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suzanne April 22, 2013 at 08:22 PM
I have to say that it is true you see your friends at school, every day, at lunch, pe, and that is about the social interaction you get there, that and once in a while in the quick rush to and from classes. Sometimes after school... but usually there isn't much time. It is true that you will see your enemies every day, and some of them can be fierce. It can be scary, to go to school and have to see people everyday that you know want to hurt you, for no reason except because they can. Teachers do lecture, or sometimes instead of teaching, they will sit around and talk about sports, or their personal life, on occasion they might even sleep. Then you get lots of home work, on top of all of your school work. You do as much of the work as you can, you learn to find the facts quickly, and know that there is no way you could ever actually read the books, or find out many interesting things, because frankly you don't have time at the end of the day to do all of the home work, and reading, that all of your teachers will assign, no matter how good of a student you are. You learn to scan, find the information and write down the answer your teacher wants... if you are lucky enough to be able to do that.
suzanne April 22, 2013 at 08:23 PM
My 18 year old isn't good at that sort of thing. He did end up going to school and not being home schooled. He found the kids rude at best, profane at times, experienced some bullying, had a hard time making friends, and struggles to get all of his work done. He is a senior this year, and he goes to a private school. The teachers there are a bit nicer, as are the students. Good luck in your choice.


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