After 80-Day Dry Spell – Here Comes the Rain

Our record-breaking dry spell is expected to end as showers hit Western Washington Friday.

Break out the jackets and boots—rain is coming.

After an 80-day spell with almost no measurable rainfall that broke Washington’s weather records, rain is expected in Woodinville on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, according to the National Weather Service.

With only slight drizzles and mists in the area over in the past months, many have been anxiously awaiting a serious storm cloud. (Fun fact: the last day it really rained here was when Ichiro left the Mariners! Read more on KOMO News.)

The Washington State Patrol warns drivers to use caution when out and about this weekend—slick road conditions are more likely after a dry spell. When oils and lubricants that have been dripping from vehicles all summer long accumulate on the surface of roads and when those substances are released and spread across the roadway, reduced traction is the result.

“The most common error we see drivers make that results in a collision is driving too fast for the road conditions,” said WSP trooper Guy Gill. “If drivers would simply reduce their speed and increase their following distance, the chances of being involved in a collision would be greatly reduced.”

Take advantage of the last few days of sunshine and prepare your vehicle for winter conditions. Check your battery, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, windshield wipers, headlights and tires.

Are you looking forward to the rain or dreading its return? Tell us in comments.


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