Change from Prevail to Harborstone Credit Union has been a nightmare

Since we joined King County Credit Union about 30 years ago, we have enjoyed friendly and competent service in Woodinville. When it changed to Prevail Credit Union a few years back, everything continued to run smoothly. At the beginning of June, they changed to Harborstone Credit Union, and it has been nothing but problems and poor customer service ever since. First we couldn't pay our bills, then we couldn't talk to anyone about it because the phones and emails were all down for the changeover. When they came back up, emails were not answered and on the phone, we were regularily behind 40-60 other callers. Finally, they decided to pay some of our bills twice, and when we finally got to talk to a human, they say that we are the ones that paid the bills twice. I miss talking to our friendly people at the Woodinville office, but we can't even do that anymore because phone calls are routed to "Harborstone Hell". Has anyone had a good Harborstone experience, or should we just look elsewhere for good customer service?
Gail June 12, 2013 at 09:15 PM
No-brainer, switch to someone else. And tell everyone else to do so too. Like you already are here.
DebbieKat June 12, 2013 at 10:10 PM
I've been using BECU for 13 years and they are awesome. I also have an account with Alaska Federal Credit Union. They're decent too.


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