Sammamish Valley Farmland at Risk AGAIN!!!

Our Sammamish Valley Farmland
Our Sammamish Valley Farmland

For the last four years there has been a war waged to pave over the Sammamish Farm Valley. The valley is the gateway to our Wine & Tourist Industry. This war has been funded and supported by the DeYoung Family, Windermere Real Estate and four city councilmembers. Bauman, Aspen, Hageman and Rubstello.


Despite efforts by King County to mitigate this situation they have not made a definitive authoritative decision to stop the Sammamish Valley annexation and development. Bauman, Aspen, Hageman and Rubstello have sent plans for annexation of the valley back to the Planning Commission for review.


Mayor Bernie Talmas has headed the fight to preserve our valley and the tourism it brings to Woodinville while keeping development growing in the downtown core. Mr. Talmas is running for re-election this fall and is the only seat challenged. An unknown challenger supported by the DeYoung Family, Windermere Real Estate and these four councilmembers.


It’s time the entire Woodinville Community wakes up to the threat to our community by a few profiteering individuals.

Saira V. September 09, 2013 at 07:40 PM
Yes Kim. I agree that our community of concerned voters should work to get these two candidates positions into the consciousness of the average voter. In this community, getting as few as a couple thousand on our side is all that matters and can't imagine that there are residents who after getting to know both candidates would support a nice guy with dirty backing--(yes, smiling, friendly Scott Hageman has eluded the voters to many's chagrin so concern is substantiated). My advice is not to leave this voter awareness event to the professionals at Woodinville Weekly, League of Women Voters, Chamber of Commerce, or Heritage Society. I think that the Grange or large neighborhood association like Lake Leota or Concerned Neighbors of Wellington would make ideal hosts.
Kim Weers September 09, 2013 at 08:12 PM
What would it take to make it happen? I'm out of town intermittently so not reliable at putting together anything.
Your Neighbor September 10, 2013 at 03:46 PM
Yes, a debate is a good idea, but it should be sponsored by a group that represents all of Woodinville. If Lake Leota Neighborhood Association or CNW host it, many people will feel left out (or not even invited). Woodinville consists of more than just those two areas. If those two groups were to host it, I wouldn't feel welcome because I would feel that, "oh, it's debate for only them, only about their issues, etc". From reading your posts, I see that you feel that the WW, Heritage Society, and Chamber might be biased. Please explain to me why the League of Women Voters would not be a good choice of host/sponsor?
Saira V. September 10, 2013 at 06:32 PM
Last candidate debate in Woodinville that I attended was hosted by League of Women voters, moderated by Tony Ventrella at the old school house. It was not a well orchestrated activity. I still stand by my short listing of hosts; however, the location where the event will be held should be neutral as per your point. How about the Sorenson gynamium, or the retirement home next to city hall?
Susan Milke September 13, 2013 at 03:01 PM
This is very important to do. We need to make sure both candidates speak to the issues in front of a crowd, so nothing is skewed one way or another. My God we have a TV channel in Woodinville, why don't we use that?!


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