Students Going To 7th Grade Can Take Algebra 1 Class This Fall

At LWSD, students who are comfortable at math during their 6th grade year have the opportunity to jump ahead to an Algebra 1 class. However, to be successful in the rigorous class, students have to be well prepared.

The Lake Washington School District requires students to pass the Algebra aptitude skill test, good grades in math during their 6th grade year, and a level 4 (exceeding expectation) on the MSP test. Many students who had no preparation are having a hard time being successful in Algebra 1. To fill in this gap, a brand new local educational company, Ellipsis Academy (www.ellipsisacademy.com), offers a workshop that not only provides a strong foundation in math but also covered skills needed to be successful in Algebra 1 and beyond.

“We provide channels to students to take their math skills to the next level”, explained Elly Sarwono, the owner of the Ellipsis Academy. “Many students do not know that they can be pretty talented in math until they put the effort. All it takes is the right combination of direction, perseverance, and lots of practices. Once they know how to succeed in math, they can apply it to anything.”

Everyone knows that high school courses and grades count for admission to college, but many people don’t realize that a college education also builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier years. Algebra and geometry form the foundation for the advanced math and science courses that students need to take in high school and college. By taking algebra early in middle school, students can enroll in higher math and science courses like chemistry, physics, trigonometry and calculus. These courses give students the skills they need to succeed on college entrance exams, in college math classes and in their future careers.


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