Woman Assaulted on Front Porch of First Hill Home — Mercer Island Police Blotter

The following information from Nov. 17-25 was supplied by the Mercer Island Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

A jilted ex-boyfriend attacked a woman on the front porch of a friend's home Nov. 21 after he failed to convince her to leave with him.

Friends of the 31-year-old Lynnwood woman called 911 after he began striking her in the head and pulling her hair when he visited their home on the 2700 block of 73rd Ave. SE at 11: 56 a.m.

The man, 31, stopped the attack and ran to his car after he was confronted by one of the residents and then fled in area in a gray Toyota. The victim's suffered minor injuries in the assault.

Mercer Island Police later filed charges against the Seattle resident for 4th degree assault, attempted kidnapping and violating a restraining order.

Nov. 17

Teen BMW Driver Arrested for DUI at South Mercer Playfields
A 17-year-old teen was arrested for DUI after he stopped the gray BMW 330 he was driving at South Mercer Playfields after hours at 11:40 p.m. A police officer detected alcohol on his breath and a sobriety test indicated he was drunk. A breathalyzer test indicated his BAC was .098/.107, he was processed and later released to his father.

Nov. 20

Bellevue Teen Crashes Into East Mercer Way Ditch
An uninjured 18-year-old Bellevue teen abandoned his car after an early morning crash on the 5400 block on East Mercer Way. A Mercer Island Police patrol disovered the abandoned Mazda 3 car off the side of the road several days later, with significant damage to the car's left side where it struck a rock or tree. The youth's father told police that his son lost control of the car in wet conditions.

Nov. 21

Home Burglary Near West Mercer Elementary
The 66-year-old resident of a home on the 4100 block of 78th Ave. SE said his home was burglarized sometime after 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 20. The man returned home on Nov. 21 and discovered his garage door left open and two Apple iMac computers missing from inside.

Woman Violates Court Order in Couple's Dispute
A 50-year-old resident of a home on the 4200 block of East Mercer Way violated a domestic violence protection order after she contacted a local man by phone and email. A court-approved parenting plan, which may have allowed the communications, was not available for police review.

'Grandson' Scam Nets $2,300 from Local Senior Citizen
A man claiming to be the "grandson" of an 84-year-old resident contacted him by phone at 6 a.m. and said he was "in trouble down in Mexico City". The "grandson" said he needed $2,300 for "bail", and the man send the money via Western Union wire. Several hours later, the man contacted his actual grandson, who reported his true location in Hawaii.

Nov. 22

Wrong-Way Elderly Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving on Thanksgiving Day
Police stopped and arrested a 79-year-old Redmond woman for drunk driving after she nearly crashed into a Mercer Island Police cruiser head-on on SE 27th Street as she drove in the wrong lane of travel. The silver Honda Civic was impounded and the woman was given a courtesy transport home by the State Patrol.

Nov. 23

Boyfriend Forges $400 in Checks
A 22-year-old resident of a home on the 9000 block of W. Shorewood Drive reported her "soon-to-be ex-boyfriend", a 27-year-old Spokane man, had stolen 3 checks from her checkbook and written them to himself in the amount of $400 on Nov. 21. 

Nov. 24

Stoned Driver Arrested on Island Crest Way
Police arrested the 18-year-old driver of a blue Nissan Xterra for driving under the influence of drugs after a traffic stop on the 4100 block of Island Crest Way at 1:41 a.m. An officer noticed the strong smell of marijuana and a field-sobriety test indicated a "significant level of impairment". Police later took a blood draw and found a fake drivers license, pipe and marijuana in his pocket.

Bellevue Woman Fibs to Police in Traffic Stop
Police impounded a red Chevy truck on the 2900 block of 78th Ave. SE at 2:42 p.m. after it was revealed the woman driving it had her license and registration suspended. The woman initially claimed she wasn't driving, but police cited her for the violation anyways.

Teens Caught Drinking at Islander Middle School
Two 16-year-old boys were cited for underage drinking after police found them at 11:44 p.m. in a parked car at Islander Middle School. They admitted to drinking four beers and a breathalyzer test indicated their BAC at .049 and .107. The driver denied drinking alcohol and tested negative.

Nov. 25

Drunk Driver Arrested
A 23-year-old local man was arrested after police stopped him for speeding (48 mph) on the 4500 block of Island Crest Way and determined he was drunk. A breathalyzer test indicated a BAC of .129. He was later given a courtesy transport back to his home.

Oregon Man Booked in Jail on No-Bail Warrant
A 27-year-old driver of a purple Acura Integra stopped on the 4000 block of Island Crest Way for a suspended registration was arrested at 11:54 p.m. after he failed to provide a driver's license or ID. Police later learned he gave them a false name and his true identity revealed a Kelso Police no-bail warrant. He was later booked into the King County Jail.


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