Who Stole the Eagle Scout Benches and Burned the Cabin at the Heritage Garden?

Vandals choose the national day of thanks to burn down the trapper’s cabin and steal two of the benches recently installed by a Woodinville Eagle Scout.

On Thanksgiving the Trapper’s Cabin was destroyed by fire and two of the made were stolen from .

“There has been a lot of mischief taking place on these acres of open land,” said Knox in an email to Patch. “It is a tragedy and I hope whoever is this disturbed [person] will be caught.”

Anyone with information regarding the theft or arson should contact King County Sheriffs, 206-296-5020.

The Heritage Garden is located near along the Sammamish River Trail and on land provided by . It was developed by the to display crops pioneers in the Woodinville area grew, and give an idea as to the farming techniques these pioneers used. The garden’s design is based on the text from the 1867 Grange Manual. It describes the symbolic linkage between the seasons, plants and tools used by all of the laborers and tillers of the earth. Boulders engraved with words like faith and charity and descriptions of tools like the plow and the harrow are scattered throughout the garden.

An information plate reads, “The Sammamish Valley Heritage Agricultural Garden’s design is based on the 1867 Grange manual, describing the profound and inspirational connections between agriculture and humanity.”

Alex Kegel, a student in the International Baccalaureate program at Ingelmoor High School and a member of Troop 573 at Cottage Lake Presbyterian Church, organized and helped build five wooden benches to be used around the fire pit at the garden. The project involved 24 teenagers and 12 adults and a two-day work party. 

cynthia brocha November 27, 2011 at 06:41 PM
This is tragic news, the Trappers Cabin was a priceless icon from our ancestors past. There are no words that adequately express what it means to lose it to arson. For those of you who have enjoyed a Winter Solstice evening with a starry sky above,the cozy welcoming glow of candle light in the Trappers Cabin softly illuminating a bountiful feast with drink for all who gathered around the fire pit in the Heritage Garden, in fellowship, along the banks of the Sammamish slough; we will never have that same experience again; to all of you who never shared the experience, I'm sorry for your loss too. Equally, sad and tragic, is the theft of the firepit benches made by Alex Kegel, what a sad lesson for this young person who chose a project that enhanced our "valley community." The loss for Tom Quigley and the Sammamish Vally Grange...........it's just too sad.
Annie Archer November 27, 2011 at 09:04 PM
I couldn't agree more Cynthia, I had the pleasure of interviewing Alex for the first story on his project, he was so proud of giving something to the community. And we have so few historical buildings in Woodinville, it is terrible to lose one to arson.
Brooke Link Jones November 29, 2011 at 06:25 PM
Is there anything we community members can do to help? This is really just too bad:( Brooke Jones
Annie Archer November 29, 2011 at 08:49 PM
Hi Brooke, I've got an email in to the Sammamish Valley Grange about what, if anything can be done. Certainly there is nothing to do about the loss of the historic trapper's cabin. I'll have an update on the cabin later today, I recently learned that it had just been refurbished before the fire.


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