Woodinville Crime: Counterfeiting, Stolen Whiskey, Scrap Metal Theft

Here is a list of reported crimes in the City of Woodinville from July 17-23.


1. Fraud- 17600 block of Garden Way NE

Unknown suspect passes counterfeit twenty dollar bill at the store. 

2. Auto Theft- 17800 block of 140th Ave NE.

The victim’s car was stolen while parked at the park and ride in downtown Woodinville waiting for automotive services nearby. 

3. Burglary, Commercial - 19800 block of 131st Place NE

Two suspects were caught taking scrap metal from a dumpster inside the construction fence at the high school. The Woodinville detective is investigating. 

4. Larceny- 14000 block of NE Wood-Duvall Road

A male suspect ran out the emergency exit of the store with a case of Jack Daniels, setting off the alarm.  

5. Larceny- 17700 block of 140th Ave NE

The victim reported her wallet stolen when she set it down while shopping for clothes.

6. Burglary, Commercial- 17800 block of 131st Ave NE

Police were dispatched to an alarm at the business and found a door pried open. Nothing was stolen however two doors, an electric meter and alarm panel were damaged by the suspects. 

7. Trespass- 17300 block of 131st Ave NE

A man was reported sleeping in the men’s bathroom in the park. Police officers cited him for trespassing as he has been warned before. 

8. Suspicious Circumstances- 14000 block of NE Wood-Duvall Road.

A female victim called police to report two suspicious men were following her from the grocery store to her vehicle and then standing next to her car as she loaded groceries.

--Information from Woodinville Police Department. 

More information for both the city and unincorporated King County can be found on line at Crime Reports . Not all types of crimes committed in Woodinville are shown on the report. Assault, theft, burglary, and robbery are included in the report.


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