Woodinville Crime: Gun Stolen, Drug Arrest, Feet Run Over by Drunk

Here is a list of reported crimes in the City of Woodinville from July 31 to August 6.

1. Larceny, 19400 blk of 133rd Ct. NE  

The victim reported his vehicle broken into while parked over a period of 3 weeks and his lockbox containing gun and ammo stolen as well as various tools and an inflatable kayak. 

2. Vandalism, 15600 blk of NE Woodinville Duvall Rd

Unknown suspects smashed the touchpad of the RedBox movie vending machine outside the business. No entry was made to the machine’s cash or movies. 

3. Burglary, Residential, 12400 blk of NE 149th St.

The victim reported forced entry to her home by removing the sliding glass door from its track. Suspect(s) stole two laptops, an I-Pad, jewelry and a backpack after ransacking the entire house. 

4. Vandalism, 19300 blk of 168th Ave NE.

Two large windows were broken with rocks on the west side of the school. 

5. Controlled Substance Violation, 16500 blk of 124th Ave NE.

A KCSO deputy found two females taking items from the donation station. One was identified as having a warrant for her arrest. Suspected methamphetamine was found in her pocket. She was booked into jail for the warrant with drug charges pending. 

6. Larceny, 13500 blk of NE 190th Pl.

The victim reported his locked boat motor stolen from the back of his boat while parked in his driveway.

7. Larceny, 17700 blk of 140th Ave NE

Three lawn decorations were stolen from the victim’s front yard overnight. 

8. Larceny, 14500 blk of 148th Ave NE

Unknown suspect(s) cut the lock and stole 12 beer kegs from outside the victim business. 

9. Stolen Vehicle Recovery, 17100 blk of 131st Ave NE

Managers of the apt. complex called police regarding an abandoned vehicle on the property. It was found to be a reported stolen from 2011, with the victim living in the same complex. 

10. Larceny, 17600 blk of Garden Way NE

The victim reported her purse stolen from her shopping cart while at the grocery store. 

11. Trespass, 17300 blk of 131st Ave NE

A Woodinville Officer was making a routine check of Wilmot Park when he found a man sleeping on the counter. The man is known to police for trespassing in the park and for prior alcohol violations. He was booked into jail for an outstanding warrant and was cited for trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

12. Traffic Incident, 156th Ave NE/ Woodinville Duvall Rd.

Police responded to the report of a drunk driver after a civilian followed him to a gas station and attempted to take his keys. The car drove away at a high rate of speed, running over the civilian’s foot as he made his getaway.

--Information from Woodinville Police Department. 

More information for both the city and unincorporated King County can be found on line at Crime Reports . Not all types of crimes committed in Woodinville are shown on the report. Assault, theft, burglary, and robbery are included in the report.


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