Woodinville Crime Report: Broken Window Home Burglary, Stolen Mercedes

Here is a list of some of the reported crimes in the City of Woodinville from Oct. 22-29.

2.  Stolen License Plates, 14000 171st Lane NE.

Police received information of a stolen Mercedes with stolen plates being driven around the city by a known suspect. A check with the owner of the plates found her front vehicle plate to have been stolen sometime in the last week.  Later that day, the stolen Mercedes was found and the suspect booked into jail after a short pursuit.

3.  Larceny, 14100 block of NE 189th St.

The victim reported a Samsung Galaxy tablet stolen from a postage envelope enroute to the return department at EBay.  EBay told the victim the package arrived empty with no tablet inside.

4Larceny, 13500 block of NE 200th St.

Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole his GPS, Checkbook and duffle bag and made attempts to cash the company checks. This case is under investigation.

5.  Larceny, Shoplift – 17600 block of Garden Way NE.

A male suspect was caught by store security after he concealed two pair of sunglasses and left the store without paying.  Police responded and arrested the suspect. Suspected heroin was found in his pocket. The suspect was cited and released for the theft with pending drug charges after lab analysis.

6.  Larceny, - 18200 block 132nd Place NE

An unknown suspect entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole a pair of eyeglasses, a beach bag and music CD’s.

7.  Larceny, Shoplift - 14000 block of NE 175th St.

A Woodinville Police Officer saw two known males leaving the victim store attempting to conceal merchandise under their shirts and then hide in the parking lot.  Both were detained while store security identified the merchandise.  They were cited for theft and released. 

8.  Attempted Residential Burglary - 19500 block of 130th Ave NE.

The victim called 911 after an unknown male attempted to open the locked front door of her home and then went to the back slider and pounded on the door. When the suspect saw her, he fled, kicking down part of the fence to escape as she was on the phone with police. A K-9 track was initiated however the suspect was not located.

9.  Residential Burglary, 14300 block of NE 178th St.

Unknown suspect(s) broke the window to the kitchen to gain entry to the victim’s home while she was away and stole a computer and jewelry from inside.

10.  Larceny, 13200 block of NE 183rd St.

The victim’s locked vehicle was entered without any signs of force and the garage door opener and registration documents were stolen from inside.

11.    Larceny, NE 1955th / 136th Ave NE

An unknown suspect entered the victim’s locked vehicle without any signs of force and stole a Backpack, wallet and I-pod. 

12.    Larceny, 17300 block of 131st Ave NE

The victim reported her car window broken while parked in the lot and her laptop computer and purse stolen from inside.

13.  Reckless Driving- 16000 block of Woodinville-Redmond Rd.

While patrolling in the area of recent complaints of racing vehicles, a Woodinville Officer heard a racing vehicle engine and saw a gray Honda exit a parking lot burning out his tires. Several traffic violations were witnessed and the vehicle was stopped. The driver was cited for driving while suspended, reckless driving, and no insurance, and released.  His vehicle remained at the scene.

--Information from Woodinville Police Department. 

More information for both the city and unincorporated King County can be found on line at Crime Reports. Not all types of crimes committed in Woodinville are shown on the report. Assault, theft, burglary, and robbery are included in the report.


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