Woodinville Crime Report: Thief Who Stole From Church Busted After Using Stolen Phone to Report a Crime

Here is a list of some of the reported crimes in the City of Woodinville from Jan. 21-28.

1.  Vandalism- 15300 block of Woodinville Redmond Rd.

Unknown suspect(s) spray painted the side of the victim’s Freight Trailer with black paint.

2.  Larceny, Shoplift - 17700 block of 130th Ave NE.

 A female suspect was arrested for shoplifting after she put on a pair of pants under her clothing and left the store without paying.  She was booked into Sno County Jail for investigation of Theft.

3.  Larceny- 19400 block 144th Ave NE.

The victim reported the catalytic converter stolen from his vehicle while at the shop for service.

4. Larceny - 15500 block of Woodinville Redmond Rd.

Unknown suspect(s) stole the victim’s catalytic converter from the company vehicle while parked outside overnight.

5.  Larceny, Shoplift - 17600 block of Garden Way NE.

A male was arrested after he tried to conceal a bottle of liquor in the pocket of his coat. He was booked into the King County Jail on several outstanding warrants. Theft charges are pending. 

6.  Identity Theft – 14000 block of NE Woodinville Duvall Rd.

An Unknown suspect used the victim’s bank card information to make purchases over the internet.  The victim has the card in her possession.

7.  Stolen License Plates – 18600 block of 142nd Ave NE.

The victim reported one license plate stolen from his vehicle.

8. Auto Theft – 17100 block of 133rd Ave NE

Unknown suspects stole the victim’s vehicle while he was visiting a friend at the retirement home.  The vehicle was found a short time later with the engine running in the McDonalds parking lot.  No suspects were located. 

9.  Larceny – 16500 block of 124th Ave NE

The victim reported her coat containing keys and cell phone had been stolen from her chair inside the church. All property was recovered later when the suspect used the phone to call police to report another crime.  The property was returned to the owner who did not want to prosecute.

10.   Auto Theft- 15600 block of 125th Pl NE.

Two vehicles belonging to the deceased victim’s estate were reported stolen by his attorney.

 11.   Larceny- 19300 block of 168th Ave

Unknown suspect(s) stole items from multiple lockers while two plays were going on in the school.  Some property was recovered by police pending identification of the owners.

 12.   Larceny, Shoplift- 17600 block of  Garden Way NE

A juvenile suspect was caught stealing two bottles of alcohol from the victim store.  She was cited for theft and released to her mother.

 13.   Larceny- 13500 block of NE 190th Pl.

The victim reported three duffle bags full of clothing merchandise from his business as well as a tool box had been stolen from the back of his locked, pickup truck canopy.

 14.   Larceny, NSC-250- 19300 block of 160th Ave NE.

A neighbor found mail/letters belonging to several of her neighbors strewn about her yard and returned it to the victim.  The locking mailbox in the neighborhood had been vandalized. Some of the mail had been opened and its contents taken.  The rest of the found mail was returned to the post office by the police.

--Information from Woodinville Police Department. 

More information for both the city and unincorporated King County can be found on line at Crime Reports. Not all types of crimes committed in Woodinville are shown on the report. Assault, theft, burglary, and robbery are included in the report.







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