Elections Update: Koster and DelBene Still Lead District 1 Race

Updated primary results were released by King County Elections shortly after 4 pm. Wednesday.

The King County Department of Elections and the Washington Secretary of State's Office have released updated results for several local primary races. 

In Districts 45 and 48, ballots had been counted for approximately 23-24 percent of registered voters. 

Just under 40 percent of ballots have arrived at the King County Elections office. That is below early projections of turnout, but would be higher than in recent past years, according to county records.

Here are the results for several federal and statewide positions that affect local voters (numbers are rounded to nearest percentage point):

Governor (top 3 candidates)

  • Jay Inslee, 47 percent
  • Rob McKenna, 43 percent
  • Rob Hill, 4 percent

1st Congressional District

  • John Koster, 44 percent
  • Suzan DelBene, 23 percent
  • Darcy Burner, 15 percent
  • Steve Hobbs, 7 percent
  • Laura Ruderman, 7 percent
  • Darshan Rauniyar, 2 percent
  • Larry Ishamel, 2 percent

45th District, Position 1

  • Roger Goodman, 49 percent
  • Joel Hussey, 44 percent

45th District, Position 2

  • Larry Springer, 56 percent
  • Jim Thatcher, 44 percent

48th District, Position 1

  • Ross Hunter, 68 percent
  • Bill Hirt, 32 percent

48th District, Position 2

  • Cyrus Habib, 56 percent
  • Hank Myers, 44 percent
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