Final County Redistricting Plan Adds City Residents to Ferguson's Territory

The City of Woodinville is separated from unincorporated Woodinville. Most of the city is now in Bob Ferguson's district while unincorporated Woodinville remains in Kathy Lambert's district.

Woodinville city residents have new representation on the King County Council, after a districting committee voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a redistricting plan based on new 2010 census data. 

The plan moves 73 percent of the city’s population into King County Council District 1, represented by Councilmember Bob Ferguson. The remaining 27 percent in the southern part of the city will move to District 6, represented byCouncilmember Jane Hague. Unincorporated Woodinville will remain in District 3, represented byCouncilmember Kathy Lambert.

State law requires the county redraw council district boundaries after each census in an effort to make the districts' population as equal as possible. Prior to the redistricting, new census data put District 3 at a large population advantage, with nearly 20,000 more people than the next most-populated district.

The new boundaries were drawn after 10 months of public testimony and consultation with local elected officials. For more information, visit the King County Districting Committee's website.


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