Goodman Ramps Up His Run for Congress

The state representative, whose 45th District includes Woodinville, will face at least two democrats in the primary as he runs to replace Rep. Jay Inslee.

State Rep. Roger Goodman (D-Kirkland) wants to leave Olympia for Washington D.C. as congressman for the 1st District (which includes Woodinville), the seat vacated by , who’s taking a run at the governorship.

Goodman, who has represented Woodinville and other 45th District communities since 2006, is not afraid to take a liberal and even libertarian stand on controversial issues. Legalizing marijuana and other banned substances, shifting from a punitive policy to one of regulation and rehabilitation, is the stance getting him the most attention.

He equally supports same-sex marriage, changing environmental policy to recognize increasing pressures on the planet’s ecosystems and a tax break on college tuition.

“I look at marriage equality as justice equality,” he said in an interview with Woodinville Patch.

The race for Inslee’s former seat is getting crowded. Former state lawmaker of Kirkland and Bothell democrat Darshan Rauniyar are running, as is Republican James Watkins, also of Redmond, who ran against Inslee in 2010.

“This field is crowded,” Goodman said. “All of us are falling all over each other to hug the trees, protect women’s health and to support marriage equality. The question is who can get something done. It’s about accomplishments. The one question is, can I get something done and all you have to do to answer that is look at my record.”

Goodman said he is particularly proud of his work in the state legislature on toughening penalties on domestic violence and decreasing drunk driving. He was the sponsor on House Bill 1789, which requires drunk driver offenders to install ignition interlock devices that detect alcohol on the breath.

“I arrived in the legislature and said ‘where is the harm?’ and found that the harm was on our roadways and behind the doors of too many of our homes and started aggressively to tackle domestic violence and drunk driving.”

To date, Goodman estimates he’s raised about $120,000 and expects the primary race to cost about $500,000. So far his endorsements are from state colleagues Rep. Ruth Kagi (32nd District), Rep. Cindy Ryu (32nd District), Rep. Mary Helen Roberts (21st District) and Rep. Luis Moscoso (1st District).  

Jim DeYounger August 25, 2011 at 04:54 PM
Roger Goodman is one of the biggest spenders of tax dollars we have in Washington State. How fast can he give it away is a question I've heard asked. Recently he was touting his push to improve local education. Increasing spending for education is what he said. Interestingly enough this additional spending he initiated didn't help our schools at all. It all went to Head Start programs for the economically disadvantaged. Not a penny for your average tax paying family towards our kids or reducing class size. Since we live in a "Sanctuary" state most of it goes to illegals. Even in Washington DC the Dept. of Health & Human Services admits head start to be a failure. See http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2081778,00.html We do not need more people like Roger Goodman in Washington DC. They already spend enough time (well actually they don't work that much) setting our social norms by spending our money on social programs that don't work. We need some folks to trim government and put it back on track.


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