Jay Inslee Stops in Woodinville as Part of Final Campaign Push

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee made a stop in Woodinville Monday as part of a final campaign push before Election Day.

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee made a campaign stop in Woodinville Monday afternoon to wave signs as part of a final campaign push before Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 6.

From about 2:15 - 2:45 p.m., Inslee, his wife Trudy, and about 20 others stood on the corner of NE 175th Street and 131st Ave NE across from Woodinville Fields, waving Inslee signs, banging a drum and engaging with motorists, some of whom honked their horns and gave the thumbs up sign.

Kim Nunes of Woodinville came with her two kids to show their support. She said she brought Jack, 10, and Charlotte, 8, so they could see and participate first-hand.

"They read about these things in school but this gives them a change for hands-on engagement in civic duty," she said. "It's a good introduction."

Inslee is running for the Washington governor seat against Republican candidate Rob McKenna. 

Steve November 06, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Isn't he the guy who use to represent us in Congress before he quit, leaving us not represented?
Penny Palmer November 06, 2012 at 07:56 AM
Jay Inslee knew he could not make a difference in Washington DC with the republicans and teapartiers stopping all legislation that would have helped support the middle, class or improve the number of jobs available. He spent his time here getting to know what the people in this state were saying and wanting. He spent time developing new ideas and trying to look for solutions to our concerns here in this state. While in Congress he was a strong voice against the war, the need for jobs bills, the rights of women, protecting the environment etc. Think about what Washington state really wants to represent to the country and the world. Look at what the republican governors across the country represent. Do we really want to follow suit with voter suppression, vaginal probes, tax cuts for big business etc. Please research carefully at non-partisan sites and vote for the Washington state we all love.
Steve November 06, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Penny, The DEMS controlled everything in 2008. They did not need a single Republican vote to pass anything. Total control. And 2 years later, the voters threw a huge number of them out. Record breaking election loses in the House, went from a 60 vote majority in the Senate to almost losing the Senate. But here is my question for you regarding Inslee. What exactly did he do, what significant piece of legislation did he get passed that he was a driving force behind. He had that seat for 12 years and he accomplished what? So he ran for re election in 2010, knowing he was going to run for Gov. in 2012 and then he waited until after a replacement could have been appointed to fill his seat to resign, leaving those of us in the 1st not represented in the House, forcing an extra election for a term of 1 month. All of the major newspapers are endorsing McKenna, all, except for the Olympian of course. 28 years of Dems in the Governor mansion, they would not want to see that change because things are going so, so well for the state.
Penny Palmer November 09, 2012 at 08:52 AM
If I remember correctly the Democrats only controlled everything for 2 months until Scott Brown took Ted Kennedy's seat in the senate. From then on the republicans were mostly focused on making sure Obama did not get a second term which meant no new taxes even on companies not paying taxes or millionaires who were storing money in off shore accounts. The republicans blocked job bills, financial reform and anything else that Obama wanted. Inslee voted to protect the environment, find ways to make us energy independent, put controls on Wall Street and the Banks and get us out of these wars. Very little Democratic legislation passed the house because of the republican blocks and little was done in the senate due to an enormous increase in the filibusters by republicans. My hope is that the congress can now start to work on what is best for the American people and not what is best for their party. Think what we could have done with the hundreds of millions of dollars that were spent on campaign ads. McKenna is too closely tied to the tea party and that is not what our state is about. Our state is recovering and the economy is getting better. Bush and the republicans had 8 years to almost ruin us financially even when starting out with a budget surplus. Let's give the Democrats 4 years to complete their work. It can't be any worse than where they had to begin.


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