King County Council Postpons Decision on Congestion Reduction Charge

The proposed $20 license fee will be on the Aug. 15 agenda.

The Metropolitan King County Council postponed a decision Monday to add a $20 to vehicle license fees as a “congestion reduction charge” that the county said would save drastic cuts in bus service.

The measure would impose a $20 fee on every vehicle licensed in King County for each of two years. The County is facing an ongoing annual budget deficit of approximately $60 million, due primarily to a drop in sales tax revenues, the main source of funding.

According to a story on Seattlepi.com, the measure would raise $50 million and save the county from cutting 600,000 hours of bus service.

Monday was the last opportunity for the Council to put the measure on the ballot with a simple majority of five votes. On August 15, six votes will be required to pass an emergency ordinance to put the measure on the ballot or to approve the measure without putting it on the ballot.

Can't make the meeting? Follow Council deliberations via Twitter at @kccouncil, or watch the meeting or online a www.kingcounty.gov/KCTV or on Broadstripe Cable Channel 22.


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