Letter: Candidate McCravey Well Prepared to Deal With Education Issues

Letter writer backs Republican Dawn McCravey in her race against incumbent Democratic State Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe.

Editor's Note: Republican Dawn McCravey of Bothell is running against incumbent Democrat Rosemary McAuliffe of Bothell for the State Senate in the 1st Legislative District. The person in the seat represents Woodinville.


Dear Editor,

The Education Issue

Education in this State, as in so many other states across this nation, is suffering from a plethora of problems. Among them are lack of appropriate and effectively focused funding, together with the unwillingness to objectively address the many operational issues hamstringing efforts to improve the delivery of first class education to our students.

As Dawn McCravey has pointed out, the present incumbent, Senator McAuliffe, has been either unable or unwilling to address these issues. Good intentions are not enough and it is time for a change in leadership. The status quo simply will not produce the needed improvements. Dawn McCravey is well placed to bring about the changes needed to improve our education system. Her record as an experienced school board member and involvement in all aspects of the school/community relationship is outstanding, her dedication unquestioned.

She is a clear thinker, passionate about education, well aware of what is at stake and willing to make the hard choices. She is clearly someone who can be trusted to dedicate her total effort in making the improvements in education we so desperately need.

-Michael P. Challenger, Bothell

Ken Mortland September 24, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Michael Challenger seems to think nothing of any use has been accomplished in the last two decades of education reform in Washington. At the beginning of its administration in 1999, the state average on the WASL reading and writing tests were 51% and 41.1%, respectively. By 2010, the state average had risen to 78.9% and 86%, respectively. Those are significantly improved results. And the figures in Northshore are even better. For graduation purposes, the WASL was administered in 10th grade. That started in the Northshore District in 98-99, and 70.0% of the 10th graders passed the reading WASL, 63.6% passed the writing WASL, and 54.9% passed the math WASL. The science WASL began for 10th graders in 02-03, when 52.3% passed the science WASL. In 09-10, Northshore’s reading WASL scores (91.6%) represented about a 31% improvement. The writing scores almost 50% improvement, the math scores a 21% improvement and the science scores almost a 28% improvement. Those are very respectable levels of improvement. None of that improvement can be credited to McCravey, as she’s only been on the school board since 2007.
Katie Bell September 25, 2012 at 12:12 AM
Ken, While you are correct to say that not all of credit can go to Dawn McCravey I want to point out that Dawn McCravey hasn't only been asking the hard questions she is known to ask for just the past few years. She has been asking them since she moved here in 1996. Since the very enrollment of her three youngest children, Dawn has been involved in EVERY event, class, field trip and class party. You name it and she has been there. She has seen kids go from not understanding to being the top of their class because she and other parents like herself have asked those tough questions. Yes, everyone that has been around in the past decade if not more has added to the improvement of testing scores, but by saying that she has only been a part of the improvement for the past 5 years is way off base. She has been influential in this state since 1996. Not giving her credit for being the upstanding and hard knock mother she was and is in this state is like saying to all mothers that you do not actually matter until you are on some kind of board. Dawn McCravey speaks for every mother out there whether their kids are in AP classes or in Special Ed. I do not believe that the writer of this letter is saying that it is all because of Dawn McCravey that we are seeing improvements. I feel that you are not online with what the point of this letter is. That being said it is because of mothers and fathers out there like Dawn McCravey that these improvements are expected and pushed for.
Tolli Lowell-Forker September 28, 2012 at 09:50 PM
McAuliffe has been in office for two decades - where are the improvements? We have seen education go from 50% of the total budge to around 30% - how did she let this happen? There is lots of money in Olympia - it is just going to all the wrong places. McAuliffe has failed us on education - it is time for a change!
Kelly Clark September 28, 2012 at 11:06 PM
Being a parent of 2 students here, I am desperate for a change. I'm completely confidant that Dawn McCravey is the person who will make that change.
Joel Johnston October 01, 2012 at 04:40 PM
We are already receiving an education from Rosemary - an education on how not to run Government. Past three years, we have seen special sessions in Olympia by her party. The other party is sent home while they debate and eventually pass their budget. You can only blame her party for our issues in this State - as they have majority, and make all the budget decisions. If Schools are underfunded - the buck stops there. Additionally, for 13 years, a shared parentlng bill has been held up by Rosemary and Jim Hargrove. Including both parents in a child's life has proven to improve test scores, reduce high school dropout rates, lower tean pregnancy, and generally produce better outcomes for children. We need a family friendly Senator for the 1st District. Please - vote for Dawn McCready!
Joel Johnston October 01, 2012 at 04:47 PM
We need a candidate with integrity as well. KOMO news did an article about Snohomish County losing $18 Million in tax revenue each year from Snohomish Business owners dumping their solid waste outside the County - a violation of Washington State Law. One of Rosemary's sons was interviewed for that story, because the McAuliffe family business's consist of one of the largest abuses of this State Law. His answer for why he does it - he doesn't believe in the law, so he doesn't follow it. Wow, what laws are ignored by our Senator from the 1st District, because she doesn't believe in them? If he doesn't believe in the laws, he has a mother in the Senate that can push for changes in the law! Do we really need this level of ethics in Olympia?
Lisa Baumann (Editor) October 01, 2012 at 05:01 PM
As we get closer to elections, If you have letters to the editor, just email them to me at lisa.baumann@patch.com or post them directly in our blog section - http://woodinville.patch.com/blog/apply Thanks!
Berta Phillips October 11, 2012 at 01:26 AM
Ken, You mention the WASL, as if it were EVER a reliable assessment tool. As an educator, you should know better. You should be well aware of the changes to the scoring system in the later years of the WASL. Changes which lowered the scores required to pass the test so that more children were suddenly "passing" this subjective test. That is not "significant improvement" you saw. It was a merely a trompe l'oeil brought to you by Bergeson's OSPI. Bergeson was well known for the games she played to create the illusion of WASL success. Just look at how many students there were in the class of 2008 when they entered 9th grade: 89,970. Yet, Bergeson creatively reclassified so many of those students, that by 2008 she only bothered to count the WASL scores of 67,099 of those students. Of that creatively altered number, only a mere 61,327 met standard.


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