Snohomish County Reveals Revised Plans for Former Wellington Hills Golf Course

The design for the former golf course shows seven sports fields, a community center, a mountain bike facility, dog parks, playgrounds and picnic shelters.

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Snohomish County officials released a revised concept design this week for the regional sports complex planned to replace the former Wellington Hills Golf & Country Club.

The design for the 100-acre area at 7026 240th St. SE. shows seven activity fields (four with synthetic material) a community center, two playgrounds and picnic shelters. There is a large parking area, maintenance building and an area for storage.

Across 240th Street SE, plans call for a mountain bike facility, two dog parks (one for shy dogs and one for large dogs), picnic tables, community open space and a parking area.

The site would be accessible from entrances from 240th Street SE with a roundabout. Pedestrians will also have access from 240th Street SE and via 156 Avenue NE (Bostian Road). 

The proposal includes adding a sidewalk between Snohomish-Woodinville Road and the top of the hill on 240th St SE, and adding a left turn lane on 240th St SE at the intersection of Snohomish-Woodinville Road. Snohomish County Public Works will provide the engineering and design for the roadway improvements along 240th St SE, which is located east of Snohomish-Woodinville Road and leads to the future park, according to information on the Snohomish County website.

The outer edges of the area will have a fence "with gates as requested by property owners," according to the revised concept design, created by Bruce Dees & Associates, a landscape architecture firm in Tacoma specializing in park design.

Earlier this year Snohomish County bought the Wellington Golf Course site from the University of Washington with $9.7 million of $70 million in Brightwater sewage treatment plant mitigation funds agreed to by King and Snohomish Counties. 

Part of the negotiations and settlement agreement conducted in 2003 mandated the acquisition of a property within a four-mile radius from Brightwater for:

·    Recreational facilities or improvements (any active recreation like a golf course, walking trails)

·    Community Resource Center

·    Public Safety Improvements

·    Habitat Mitigation

Neighbors in King and Snohomish Counties first heard of the Snohomish County Parks Department proposals for the golf course in a public meeting May 8, 2012. In the past few months there have been occasional public and numerous small-group meetings soliciting public input in the development of a master plan for the site.

A nearby group of residents opposed to the project has formed "Neighbors to Save Wellington Park," and hired an attorney to challenge the development.

What do you think of the proposed plan design? Is it workable in the area or does it seem like too much? Tell us in comments.

Nancy Cunningham October 25, 2012 at 05:50 PM
The only 'Special interest" group involved in the Snohomish park issue is the 10 or 15 rich neighbors that are threatening to sue the county. Everybody else wants the sports facility.
Ronald Long October 25, 2012 at 06:18 PM
"... Everybody else wants the sports facility." Nancy - that is a stunningly inaccurate remark, which I strongly suspect you have no data to back up. I believe that there are more voices of opposition (who aren't all rich) just in this discussion. This blatant "invention" certainly casts a shadow of doubt on your agenda in the role you've taken on as defender of Snohomish Country's plan. What is your motivation? What do you get out of this park?
Nancy Cunningham October 25, 2012 at 07:05 PM
It will be a really nice park, what's to understand? It will affect the people that live really close to it the most, and the farther away you get, the less negative impact it will have. That's why a few close neighbors don't want it. They don't want anything in their neighborhood. No traffic, no construction, no noise, no parks, no change of any kind. Where were they to fight GMA, Brightwater, Costco, Boeing and Microsoft creating new jobs that bring people and income to the area? Things change. If a few people are disturbed, I'm sorry, I really I am. But this is for the good of the entire area and the hootie tooties in Wellington Hills got a lot of nerve trying to stop every new thing that comes to the neighborhood just because they are old and set in their ways. The only thing those people would support is a retirement community, on a septic system, with a wildlife preserve outside, and limit occupancy to one elderly person per 5 acres.
Teri Derr October 26, 2012 at 02:48 AM
I think you have a lot of nerve speaking for a group of people that your don't represent.
Karie Gordon April 17, 2013 at 05:36 AM
Exactly Teri! One has to wonder if Nancy is related to Tom Teiger!!


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