State Liquor Board to "Carry Out the Will of the Voters" on Marijuana Initiative

But the U.S. Attorney's Office in Seattle says its enforcement stance is "unchanged."

The Washington State Liquor Control Board issued a statement Wednesday morning detailing how it plans to implement Initiative 502, saying it "will move forward to carry out the will of the voters."

The statewide initiative to decriminalize recreational marijuana use passed handily Tuesday night by a margin of 55 to 45 percent, according to initial ballot returns. (Click here to see a video of the crowd at the state Democrats' election night party in Seattle reacting to the news.)

fact sheet from the liquor board outlines several aspects of the new state law, including licensing fees, tax collection, price structure and more. The board said it expects to use the full year provided by the initiative to implement the new system.

The liquor control board's statement acknowledged that "questions remain ahead as we work to implement I-502. Chief among them is the issue that marijuana remains illegal at the federal level."

Does the legalization change your view on marijuana use? Will it make you more or less likely to use it? Tell us in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Emily Langlie, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Seattle, issued the following statement: 

The Department of Justice's enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged. In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance. The Department is reviewing the ballot initiative here and in other states and has no additional comment at this time.

Obama drug policy adviser Dr. Kevin Sabet told ABC News he doesn't think election night results in Washington and Colorado, where voters also approved a marijuana de-criminalization measure, will be the end of the matter.

"I wouldn't advise anyone to toke up just yet. This is going to be caught up in the courts. This is a to-be-determined situation," Sabet said. 

Local Guy November 08, 2012 at 06:49 PM
also worthy of note is http://ftp.iza.org/dp6112.pdf, a 10 year study of the states with MMJ statutes which recognized a 9% drop in traffic deaths related to impaired driving, a result of MJ being an alternative to alcohol. and lastly, an amusing, but insightful 10 year study by 4autoinsurance.org which concluded that MJ drivers were safer then not only drunk drivers, but also sober drivers in some instances. http://www.4autoinsurancequote.com/uncategorized/reasons-why-marijuana-users-are-safe-drivers/
employee November 09, 2012 at 01:27 AM
Thanks Local Guy, I stand corrected. Thanks for posting legit sources and good information. I will pass this along.
employee November 09, 2012 at 01:39 AM
Local Guy, How does this apply to people that have a Commercial Drivers License? I am under the impression that the Federal laws concerning THC vs. THC-COOH dont apply in this situation, if you have info, it would be appreciated.
Local Guy November 11, 2012 at 12:24 AM
I do not have any information on that employee except that in all matters federally related, marijuana is considered an illicit substance and subject to the harshest, and most ignorant of interpretations. For instance, medical marijuana card holders can not own a registered weapon. Why? Because marijuana is an illicit substance, etc...
ira sacharoff November 11, 2012 at 01:13 AM
I'm pretty certain that if you hold a CDL and test positive for marijuana, you'll be subject to disciplinary action, even if this holds up in court and is allowed to be implemented. I know specifically for transit agencies like METRO, they receive federal funding and one of the contingencies of receiving that funding is that they perform pre-employment and random drug testing. I'd also suggest not walking into the Federal Building in downtown Seattle waving that ounce of bud around.


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