Will Inslee Seize Chance to be Governor?

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire announced this morning that she will not run for re-election this fall, meaning Inslee will likely vie for the job.

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire said this morning that she will not seek a third term, leaving the door open for Congressman Jay Inslee and other Democratic candidates to vie for the seat.

Inslee has not yet officially declared an intent to run. In a statement this morning, he said, "I appreciate the Governor's service during these difficult economic times. Today is her day. I will make my intentions on the Governor’s race known shortly.”

Inslee currently represents Washington's First Congressional District, a suburban district that includes Woodinville and other suburbs to the north, east, and west of Seattle. Political observers have long widely speculated that Inslee would run for governor if Gregoire opted against a third term.

In March, the State Column reported that Democratic political strategist Chris McCullogh, who managed Inslee's 2004 and 2006 congressional elections, bought the domains jayinsleeforgovernor.com, jayinleeforgovernor.net and jayinsleeforgovernor.org.

In her announcement this morning, Gregoire said she talked to Inslee about her decision last night and urged him to run for governor.

Inslee, whose home is on Bainbridge Island, last ran for governor in 1996 and was defeated in the primaries by Gary Locke. If he runs this time around, he'd be facing State a Republican, who announced last week he'll run for governor.

Gregoire won the past two governor races by defeating Republican Dino Rossi in heated battles. The 2004 election was so close it required two recounts and a legal battle. Prior to the governor post, Gregoire was the State Attorney General, where she became known for her role in reaching a settlement in nationwide litigation with tobacco companies.

Patty Franklin June 14, 2011 at 06:41 AM
Dear Mr. Inslee I've watched your performance as Congressman over 3 years. You do not represent me or my family and, I believe you have caused harm to our district, state, and country. I tried my to keep you from being reelected in 2010, which is my privilege as a US citizen. I volunteered hours of my time and my efforts were effective. Mr. Inslee, you barely kept your seat in Congress. So, what have you done? Have you dealt with the dishonesty and corruption that is drowning our president and the senate? Are you making sure that our country will not fail financially, have you represented the families with loved ones fighting in the Middle East? Do even understand why they are there? Have you finally read the health care reform bill? You hadn’t read it at the time of the town hall meetings. Do you have any other jobs that you are qualified for, because you are not qualified to represent us in the US Congress? There is so much work for you to do - yet now you are taking time to “consider running for Governor.” Wow, what an ego! What would give you the idea that it is time for a promotion, when nearly half of the State is ready to fire you? Please, do us all a favor and look at whom you “represent”; you are simply not that popular. Gregoire is not “stepping down” as Governor; the people of our State would never reelect her (and she knows it). I promise that I will do everything I can to keep you from becoming governor. Patricia Franklin
Dave Henry June 15, 2011 at 04:15 AM
Another conservative, how cool is that?, especially in Woodinville. Another citizen who looks for a politician with a moral compass, how rare is that? Another citizen who places value on a politician that has ethics, able to understand fiscal responsibility, not OPM (other peoples money) and a politician who wants a reduction in government, not more government intrusion. Patty, keep up the good work and right on with your observation of Gregoire and Inslee. There are now 8 conservatives in Woodinville. Dave Henry
Patty Franklin June 15, 2011 at 05:44 PM
Hey Dave - we actually have 11 conservatives. First, my husband (of course) an our 20 year old son (very cool) and, if you want a fantastic cup of coffee - go to Common Grounds on the corner of Avondale and Wood.-Duv. where you will sometimes meet the owners mom, Mauren, who secretly listens to Rush and other conservative talk. I told her she should come out of the closet, there are more of us than she thinks!
Joyce Gress June 16, 2011 at 02:58 PM
13 now... two in our house! Hopefully raising two more (unless Seattle U railroads my attempt)
Dave Henry June 16, 2011 at 08:18 PM
Patty: it appears to be an epidemic, last evening, I was contacted under the cover of darkness, by 2 (two) US Citizens, as well as being Woodinville residents. They swore me to secrecy, never to divulge names as they were CLOSET conservatives. They seemed very nervous and stated they believed in the US Constitutation . HORRORS So my 8, your 3, two (2) more confessing under the cover of darkness and apparently a new report just in, of 2 more. According to Rich Leahy, Woodinville City Manager we now have approximately 10,300 Woodinville residents, in 5 1/2 square miles. Never thought I would see this many conservatives in this city. Additionally the two that contacted me, agreed with your observation regarding Gregoire and Inslee and added Lisa Brown, Patty Murray, Roger Goodman , Larry Springer Maria Cantwell and the former King County Executive, Ron Sims the architect of the $2 Billion sewage treatment plant, just around the corner from Woodinville . All are great advocates of the hugely popular, widely accepted, overwhelmingly promoted financial formula called OPM (other peoples money) and the even more popular RED-P (redistribution process) AKA transfer of wealth). Keep up the good work, who knows????, we may find 2 or 3 more. Dave Henry


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