High Heels to Remember Hockley

WHS students plan on wearing high-heeled shoes on the first day back from winter break in honor of teacher Prudence Hockley who was killed over the holidays.


Students trying to deal with the shock of over the holidays, plan on honoring her on the first day back from vacation by wearing high heels to school.

Hockley was known for her brightly colored clothes and high heels, and for her spirited personality and love of life. Students started a Facebook page to get as many people as possible to wear Hockley's signature high heels on Jan. 4, the fist day back to school from winter break.

More than 300 hundred students and former students have said they plan to done high heels or combat boots (one Facebook posting pointed out that Hockley wore boots also as an option for boys), according to the Facebook page, Heels to Remember Hockley

One post reminded students to walk carefully on the school's many stairs."Strut your stuff with caution, ladies. God knows attempting to walk down the stairs in a crowd of people with 4" heels is hell."

Another memorial to Hockley is being . The mural was created Monday but overnight rain largley washed it away. Volunteers plan on being out again on Tuesday, Jan. 3 to repaint the mural.


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