Father's Day: What is the Best Advice Dad Ever Gave You?

Patch wants to hear your most memorable words of advice from your dad. Is "life isn't fair" one of those pieces of advice?


An unknown author once wrote, "Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad."

When I was young my father, who was a police sergeant, used to give one favorite piece of advice. He would ask the officers on his squad to have one simple goal for the day.

"Every day make one thing better than when you found it," he would tell them.

When I graduated from the police academy, my dad pinned my badge on my chest and whispered to me to the stage, "Every day make one thing better than when you found it." That piece of advice is something I still think about all of the time.

My husband often tells our kids that "life is not fair," which is also a good thing to learn in life. He does not tell the kids to pull his finger (for that I am so grateful), but he does make them brush their teeth at night and he hugs them when they need a daddy snuggle.

As a mother, I feel like Father's Day is sometimes not prioritized the way Mother's Day is every year. We tend to see a slew of advertisements for Mother's Day gifts and sales for weeks in advance, but Father's Day feels like is sandwiched in with the end-of-school hoopla and graduation celebrations.

The role of fathers has evolved dramatically over the years from when I was young and dads have now taken a more active part in the critical and dynamic realm of raising children.

Dads are on muted conference calls while also changing dirty diapers and schlepping kids to and from play dates. They are playing catch and reading stories at bedtime.

Father's Day is fast approaching. Woodinville Patch wants to hear the best advice your dad ever gave you. If you are a dad, what is your favorite piece of advice you give your kids? Send us your favorite pics with you and your dad.

Patch us your comments in the comments section below and give dad a shout out while you are there.

Happy Father's Day to all of those fantastic dads out there.

Annie Archer June 13, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Shine a spotlight on day and tell us his most memorable advice to you.
Bree June 13, 2012 at 09:15 PM
These are the pieces of advice that have stuck with me from my Father. There are at least three sides to every story. The way I see it, the way you see it and the way it REALLY is. You can trust a thief, but you can’t trust a thief and a liar. At least the thief will tell you they stole from you. - This one is hilarious to me, because who knows a thief who’s not also a liar? Don’t vote party lines; vote your consciences even if it looks like you are throwing your vote away. At least you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing you did the right thing.
Annie Archer June 13, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Andrea, I love the three sides to every story advice! Thanks for sharing.
Michelle Blue June 14, 2012 at 05:07 PM
When I was a teen, at the end of the summer after working my first job - my father asked me what I had to show for all my work? I was irritated because I thought it was my money I could spend it how I wanted. But when I thought about it - I had gone out with friends for lunch and movies and had fun - but I didn't have anything left over. That was an Ahah moment for me - ever since I have always budgeted and made sure to save a portion of every paycheck so that I could prioritize and achieve my finacial goals - in addition to having fun.
Sharon Peterson June 14, 2012 at 05:31 PM
My father has memorized entire chapters of the Bible and regularly calls the family together for prayer before we travel, at dinners, lunches and other celebrations, when there are big decisions to be made, etc. He's been an example of a Godly man to his 4 children and to countless hundreds of other kids while he served as a principal with Seattle Public Schools for 35 years. I appreciate his servant-like attitude and the way he cares about people. He essentially had no father role model on Earth, so over time, he learned to rely on God our Father to be his role model. It's an example that has taught me to also trust God and I admire my father for the way in which he models the Lord's love to his kids, their friends, etc. Happy Father's Day, Dad!!


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