Tent City 4 Needs Help

The Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church is hosting the Tent City 4 community and the community is in dire need of a commercial coffee pot and a microwave oven.


Tent City 4, a homeless encampment that travels to churches and other houses of worship throughout the Eastsid, needs a new commercial-sized coffee to replace the one that broke earlier this week and a microwave oven to replace the one that is "on it's last leg," according to volunteers.

About 60% of the residents work and often they are at odd hours, said Sandra Hunt, one of the many volunteers helping Tent City 4. "At Woodinville the busses don’t serve the area they are in except normal commute time to normal commute time. Folks get up very early and walk to town to catch a bus or come home after the regular commute and have to walk up from town to the camp. In addition to that, all residents must work a four hour security shift [at the camp]and can be assigned any four hour shift, day or night. Coffee and hot food help a lot."

If your group or organization can purchase a commercial pot cehck the church's website for contact information, http://www.sharewheel.org/tent-city-4.

Here is a list of other needs:

Batteries; D, AAA, C

Saran wrap (Costco size box)

Zip ties


Towels (can be used, but clean both hand and bath sizes)

Hand sanitizer (bigger the better)

Paper cups, plates and bowls



Sugar (When the count is up to 100 residents they use 25lb a week)

Plastic knives

Paper towels



Fruit juice, lemonade mix, ice tea mix (they have one of those huge orange barrels)


Tuna (please no 4 lb. cans)

Large serving gloves

Salt and Pepper

Cheese (either sliced or shredded)

Mustard, ketchup, mayo (please not those huge jars of mayo. By the time they get to the bottom everybody’s hands have gone clear in the jar)


Hot dogs


Annie Archer June 16, 2012 at 04:40 PM
The number to call to donate is 206-448-7889
Kristin Gulledge June 16, 2012 at 08:57 PM
Something that I find easy to do is when I'm at a catered event and there is a lot of extra food leftover (like a bunch of sandwiches or danishes), I ask if I can donate them to Tent City. No one has ever turned me down. I just put the leftover food in my trunk and drive to where Tent City is currently located. There is always someone there to unload the truck. So think about that the next time you are at a big meeting or conference, it's a very simple thing to do to help someone else out.
Pat E. June 16, 2012 at 09:46 PM
"Batteries; D, AAA, C Saran wrap (Costco size box) Zip ties Razors Paper cups, plates and bowls, Plastic knives" oh my! This group is ripe for a 'green' project.


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