Lynn Dunn
Write about me? Boring. That's why I will do anything, go anywhere, experience anything...the world is so interesting, there is so much to do, so many people to meet, cultures to learn, food to try, experiences to be had.
I've seen the waterways of Rotterdam, the castle that I want to buy, complete with Mediterranean view, in Spain and hundreds of scooters crowding the sidewalks of Macau. I can converse in Spanish, say thank you in Korean (but can't for the life of me remember "please") and know about twelve words in Malay (mostly inappropriate ones). I will take any opportunity to return to Tornonto but really want to see Greece and Italy. I will try eating anything once, including chicken feet, but uni never again. I know that the durian fruit should never be let indoors, otherwise the smell will never leave.  But most importantly, if I'm in a bad mood, feed me and no one will get hurt. I will talk about, and learn about, anything, and will debate anything too, as long as we can agree on one thing - that we really know nothing.
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