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I've definitely been staring at this screen trying to think of what to write here for too long. I'm prone to over-thinking.
After graduating from Albuquerque Academy in 1997, I moved to Washington to attend UW and dropped out halfway through my first day of classes. I worked at Alexa’s Café in Bothell (in various capacities over the years) where I met my future husband. We bought a house in Woodinville in 2002, got married in the backyard in 2003 and had a daughter together in 2005. I have crafting ADD. I have dabbled (read: purchased supplies necessary to teach myself how to…) in sewing (purses, clothing, bags, stuffed animals), quilting (problem with quilts, they’re HUGE…my queen bed quilt became a baby quilt after years of incompletion and arrival of baby), scrapbooking, card making, candle making, soap making, stop-motion animation, needle felting, polymer clay sculpting, and most recently crochet. Basically anything I can make or do with my hands I’m interested in trying. I am particularly lousy at drawing (unless we’re talking Pictionary) but if given colored paper, scissors and glue could create a picture I could never draw. It’s apparent that I have a deep love of animals. The variety we keep and my aversion to any movie wherein an animal is suffering or mistreated in any way certainly points to that. Speaking from experience, I’d have to say if you can only get one pet make it a green cheek conure. I’m happy to be contributing to Woodinville Patch as getting more involved in my community has become a higher priority for me over the years. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to create a world we can pass on to future generations and I believe the strength of tightly knit communities has the power to be the decisive force in making those changes. Think local, act local, impact global.
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